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2018, Meet, China Momentum Bridges the World

Now is future!
  Numerous historical opportunities implied in tourism new concepts have emerged in domestic tourism recent years, such as “Tourism Plus”, “The Belt and Road” and “BRICS Plus”.
  Tourism takes a lead in the growth of Chinese economy, and meanwhile, China has been the biggest tourism consumption market, injecting "China Momentum" into world economy.
  For 18 years, initiated by China Hotel Magazine, the annual China Cultural Tourism Global Forum (China Hotel Global Forum) has become one of the most important windows for perceiving cultural tourism and hotel developing direction, a premium platform to show the world “Chinese Service”, as well as an imperative part of realizing “China Dream” and a major bridge connecting to China...

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  • Zhou Tienong

  • Huang Mengfu

  • Liu Yi

  • Zhang Shiyao

  • Cheng Wendong

  • Ian Fok

  • Zhang Li

  • Zhang Guangrui

  • Yang Weimin

  • Jerry Huang

  • Zheng Weiling

  • Sun Yu

  • Zhang Hui

  • Jim Qian

  • Xu Zhenling

  • Jeff Ning

  • Simon Zhuang

  • Golden Sun

  • Nathan Xiao

  • Wang Chuan

  • Xu Guorong

  • Zhang Jianming

  • Raymond Lee

  • David Sun

  • Zhang Qian

  • Xian Feng

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